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09 april, 2021
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Frontier School Division Collective Agreement 2018

_________Anzahl school year course days Number of equivalent full days taught during the school year By Winnipeg staff, teaching experience includes teaching and advanced learning (including Department-recognized maternity leave) for experience during leave, ten (10) months of teaching or every two hundred (200) teaching days; If so, and includes all periods of sabbatical, except that every twenty (20) days without pay are counted as one (1) month of absence during a school year following the entry into force of each teacher`s contract. A lack of service without pay for a total of less than twenty (20) days per school year is not taken into account. Effective September 1, 2010, notwithstanding the other provisions of the collective agreement, annual rates of pay for all workers covered by this collective agreement are payable for the party or parts of each school year in a given calendar year, based on about 20 quarters (1/24) of the annual rate of pay payable for each month from September to August included. Any post-payment accommodation under this clause or related to termination of service is paid in accordance with this section. Number of equivalent full days previously paid for the fall season. Any doctor subject to the provisions of the collective agreement and by the department on January 1st is busy, 1981 is classified by the Professional Certification and Student Records Unit of Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning of the Province of Manitoba, and the department, if the physician was hired before January 1, 1981, will continue to recognize the classification that has been assigned to the physician by the department, regardless of the classification that has not been assigned to the classification of the professional unit and certification of students. Physicians who were employed by the department before 1 January 1981 and who improved their qualifications after 31 December 1980 are only recognised by the department for the improvement of qualifications if the improved qualifications exceed those already awarded by the department and only if the qualifications are recognized as sufficient by the Department of Professional Qualification and Student Registers to be able to change the classification. BASIC ANNUAL SALARY SCHEDULE – Starting on the first day of fall 2014, the following net salary plan will be implemented. . Whether a teacher with a professional certificate (industry) or a professional instruction letter is classified in Class IV, unless the teacher`s qualifications allow the teacher to obtain a higher qualification. In the case of 9.05 (a) (a) and (iv) the right to the requirement for retroactive treatment expires one (1) year after the department has reported it to the teacher`s last known address. A teacher`s base salary is increased by an increase at the end of each teaching year, as stated in the base salary plan, until the teacher reaches the maximum level of the class. If the years of learning prior to the entry into force of the teacher`s individual contract are expressed by an entire number plus half, the semester is considered to be five (5) months of learning experience with Winnipeg staff to determine the date of payment of the first incrment.

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