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10 april, 2021
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International Sales Representative Agreement Free Template

Project Model “Quality Management Plan”: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development October 2010 Quality Management Plan Template (V1.0) Notes to the Author [This document is a model of internal use by the Bank- Framework Agreement: Thank you for being duly signed: Service customer T 1,0080 00 222 337-F -49 89 5150 2442 – Toll-frei von (inter)national 1 INTERNATIONAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE Fill in the voids and choose the terms of this international agreement, that best suits your needs. This type of agreement allows the agent to negotiate and conclude negotiations on behalf of the company. However, in negotiations with customers, the representative proposes the products strictly according to the clauses and circumstances of the sale set in advance by the company. INTERNATIONAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENT DATE:… Come in:… [Company name] headquartered in… [Address, city and campaign] and registration number/tax is…, represented by… [Name and name, position] (hereafter referred to as company), AND: Alternative A [If the representative is an individual and independent professional] Mr/Madame…, aged ,… [professional qualification], tax identification number…, registered address, acting on its own behalf (hereafter the representative).

Alternative B [If the representative is a company]… [Company name] headquartered in… [Address, city and campaign] and registration number/tax is…, represented by… [Name and name, position] (hereafter referred to as “representatives”). Both parties mutually recognize the right and ability to meet the terms of this contract and, DECLARE I. That the company produces and sells… [Describe the company`s products] and is interested in expanding into international markets. 1 Nordic Imbalance Settlement Agreement on Pledge and Right of Disposal of Cash Account between [name of Balance Responsible Party] and esett Oy and [settlement bank name] based on the Vorlage SAMPLE COLLABORATION AGREEMENT Agreement Although this contract may be used for real commercial purposes, it cannot correspond to your situation and the laws of your state. We recommend that you get a legal advisor. This agreement 2.3.

Provisions for international remittances via PrivatMoney System: Special Conditions: PrivatMoney System Software for Express-Versand (Transfer Send) and Reception (Transfer Receive) International Silver 2 II. III. that the delegate is interested in the transportation and export management of products manufactured by the company because of his professional knowledge and experience in overseas trade and international marketing. That the contracting parties have entered into an agreement on the promotion of the aforementioned products abroad, subject to the following: 1. TRAIT OBJET The purpose of this contract is the promotion and sale of products manufactured by the company on international markets, in accordance with Schedule 1 of this treaty. 2) EXCLUSIVEY AND TERRITORY The representative operates exclusively for the company in the territory covered by Schedule 2 of this treaty and may not engage in this activity outside the designated territory. 3. ALTERNATIVE NON-COMPETITION OBLIGATION A. The agent may not manufacture, distribute or represent, without the written permission of the company, the nature of the product that directly competes with the products manufactured by the company. To this end, the delegate states that at the time of the signing of this contract, he acts as a representative, representative or distributor for the companies and products listed in Schedule 3 of this treaty.

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