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12 april, 2021
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Sabre Farelogix Merger Agreement

Sabre`s agreement to acquire Farelogix is the next step in its broader drive to become the preferred platform at the center of the travel business. Among other innovations, Sabre recently launched its multi-airline digital commercial platform, which provides custom end-to-end retail features to maximize sales and create a differentiated brand experience. In addition, Sabre works with a wide range of airlines and travel agencies with its Beyond NDC program to advance the travel industry through the design, development, integration and testing of NDC`s offers and orders. The acquisition and integration of Farelogix technology will help Sabre accelerate this innovation effort. “The CMA`s decision in the United Kingdom to block Sabre`s acquisition of Farelogix confirms our view that the merger was anti-competitive,” said Deputy Attorney General Makan Delrahim of the Department of Understanding department. “We were disappointed by the Oex Regional Court`s request for this merger case. We had already filed an application for protection to preserve our appeal options, and we are now looking at whether we are evading the district court`s opinion in light of the defendant`s decision to terminate her contract.¬†Media Contact: Investor Contact: After eight days of bank proceedings before The Honor-Leonard P. Stark in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, the District Court on April 7 rejected the department`s request to block the merger and decided that it was bound by the Decision of the Ohio Supreme Court v. American Express Co., 138 pp. Ct. 2274 (2018) (Amex) to assert that Sabre and Farelogix are not competing in a market in question, despite the finding of facts by Sabre and Farelogix.

However, just two days after the District Court issued its opinion, the UK Competition Authority (CMA) ruled that the agreement was illegal under UK competition law. Southlake, Texas and Miami – 14.11.2018 – Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Farelogix, a recognized travel innovator, with advanced supply management and NDC order delivery technology used by many of the world`s leading companies. Sabre expects that once the transaction is complete, it will allow the company to accelerate the delivery of its retail, distribution and end-to-end fulfillment solutions to its retail, distribution and fulfillment solutions. And in a separate statement from Farelogix, the company said, “We are disappointed that our plan to meet With Sabre will not continue. However, because of the uncertainty inherent in any regulatory process, we are well prepared for that possibility. Over the past 18 months, we have made great strides in developing our technology infrastructure, optimizing our products, streamlining our business processes and building new customers. On April 7, a U.S. court ruled in favor of the agreement and ruled against a U.S. Department of Justice`s assertion that the merger – at a cost of $360 million for Sabre – would eliminate competition and result in higher prices for consumers and less innovation for airlines. Sabre will hold a conference call today at 11 .m.

The Live-Webcast and accompanying slide are available on the Sabre website via the Investor Relations section.

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