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12 oktober, 2021
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Turbosquid License Agreements

(New Orleans, LA – April 8, 2010) – TurboSquid, the world`s largest online marketplace for 3D models, is pleased to announce the availability of an additional option for content licensing. TurboSquid`s editorial license and policy allow content to be published for editorial purposes. News sources, including websites, television, film and other media, have been part of the TurboSquid community for years. This policy formalizes this relationship and allows the journalistic community we have sold to – like CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, USA Today and hundreds of other companies – to have even more creative work from our artist community. 1. Comprehensive Agreement. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between you and TurboSquid with respect to your purchase, unless you have an enterprise license agreement with TurboSquid. Enterprise licenses are available with additional protection against additional fees. Please contact if your organization requires an enterprise license.

TurboSquid does not offer any other modifications, additions, modifications or other forms signed under this Agreement. No amendment to this Agreement is binding unless signed in writing and signed by an authorized TurboSquid representative. 7. Syndicate. TurboSquid may aggregate, design or distribute Stock Media products to third parties, individually or in bundled collections, including for distribution on third party websites (“Syndicated Websites”) using different business models, including (a) revenue participation; (b) a single flat-rate fee; (c) the subscription payment model; or (d) any other model that TurboSquid chooses in its reasonable discretion (together “Syndication Licensing”). Yes, if you buy on behalf of your employer, a purchased license covers the entire company. Specifically, you can share the files with other employees in the business unit, their parent company, and majority affiliates. You can do this by sending it directly to another employee, saving them to a connected file system or database, or in some other similar and professional way. Files must be properly protected from hacking – for example, they cannot be made available in such a way that unauthorized persons can access them on an unprotected web server or file-sharing service. Agree with you, I mean, we sell with an editorial license here and other 3D stores, my point is to restrict Ford models only at TurboSquid, it`s like the Ferrari license with Mattel for their Diecast models, where we miss better companies like AutoArt. Ford therefore receives a certain percentage of the royalties.

one. Refund of the purchase. Your right and license for Stock Media Products depends on the purchase of Stock Media Products. Any retrobooking of a purchase, for any reason, immediately terminates all rights granted under this Agreement. Possible reasons for payment retrobooking are as follows: it is a legally binding agreement between licensee (“you”) and TurboSquid regarding your rights to use Stock Media products from the site under this license. “it” means the entity that purchases, whether it is a natural person who must be at least 18 years of age or a legal person. . . .

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