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13 oktober, 2021
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Victoria Police Agreement

The proposed agreement also includes a centralized roster system that allows Victoria Police to know where each official is based in the state and maximizes their ability to call the police as needed. The union and the Andrews government agreed on Friday to avoid the long and politically sensitive crisis looming over the crucial Christmas period. “We shook hands, we reached an agreement today. It is now the business of the Police Association, which makes them available to its members,” Neville said. Where a dispute involves a decision to make a “targeted transfer of a police officer” in accordance with section 35 or to “transfer a police officer by other means”, the aggrieved person may also request (or in the alternative) a review of that decision by the PRSB in accordance with Part 8 of the Act (see 146 (1) (h) or (i)). The Victorian police made a breakthrough in wage negotiations with the land government and agreed to end all union action while considering the offer of wage increases.

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